Maker Repair Kit

Got some wear and tear on your Supersuit? We've got you covered. Every Supersuit comes with a one month warranty to get a repair kit 🛠 free of charge! Just fill out our warranty form and we'll get the kit out to you as soon as possible so you can keep being the Superhero that you are.

Repair Instructions

(Once you have your kit)


Prepare the suit - try to get the old, dried glue off by picking at the spots. Make sure to remove any specks of glue or dust that are on the gluing area. We want the new glue to latch onto the fabric as best as possible by making the fabric as clean and clear as possible.

Sandwich a piece of cardboard between the two sides of the suit and position it under the area you will be gluing in. The cardboard provides a hard surface so that when pressure is applied to secure the 3D-print onto the suit the bond is strong.



Make sure your hands are clean for each 3D-printed letter that you are about to apply. Glue residue can tack onto the 3D-printed letter and require you to scrape it off later.

Apply a layer of glue to the textured side of the 3D-print as shown. Try to cover all edges and corners while making sure no glue spills over. 



Apply the letter to the suit and make minor adjustments to positioning. Major adjustments can result in the suit having permanent glue stains. If that is the case, quickly apply water and dab off the glue before it dries.

Put pressure onto the letter for a minute. The more force you can apply the better the bond between the suit and the 3D-print. While you work on attaching other 3D-prints, it is recommended to put a weight on the previously applied 3D-print. A stapler, water bottle, or tape dispenser will do.



Let the suit dry for 1-2 hours before removing the cardboard. If the glue seeped through the suit and got stuck to the cardboard, slowly peel the fabric off the cardboard. You are all set, your Supersuit is ready to wear!

Note: Try not to wash the suit for at least 3 days so that the glue can really set in there!

Warranty Form

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